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Watercolor Swatch Ring DIY for Quick Reference

Over on Instagram, it is just full of collaboration and ideas. If you aren’t following me yet, hop over and click that follow button! I post daily and share lots of tips, tutorials, and favorite accounts.  One such idea spawned from the creation of Amy Natsumi Roberts of @see_amy_draw.  She posted on her stories little tags with watercolor swatches on them. I loved this idea! I adore color swatches. Typically, I have swatched all colors in a sketchbook, but this was too fun not to try.  So I’m going to show you how to make your own watercolor swatch ring.

Tools Needed

Watercolor Paper

Hole Punch

Binder Ring

Cardstock (optional)

You will need a paper trimmer, shape punch, or a straight edge, and exacto knife to cut your paper.

Tools for cutting watercolor swatches

Watercolor Swatch Directions

Cut Paper to Size

I prefer the paper trimmer method. It’s faster for me, and more accurate. Use what you have! I first trimmed my watercolor paper into 1.5″ strips, and then cut those strips into 1.5″ squares.

Cutting watercolor swatches

Cut, or punch, a piece of cardstock if you wish to make a cover for your mini swatch ring.

Punch Holes

Punch holes in your swatch cards. I decided I liked the placement in the corners best. watercolor swatch squares

I added an eyelet with my Cropadile tool in my cover, since the cardstock isn’t as durable as the watercolor paper. The Cropadile is super heavy duty.  I used the tool to punch my holes, as it can cut through several layers of thick paper at once.

watercolor swatch cover

Make Swatches

Swatch on your cards any way you prefer. I used my Pentalic illustration pens to write with, and for transparency testing, because they are waterproof and write very smooth. If you need some inspiration for how to test your watercolor paints for watercolor swatch ideas, I wrote a post about that.

watercolor swatch example

Thread Onto Ring

Finally, when your swatches are complete, thread them onto your binder ring. They open by pushing both sides opposite of each other, and then pulling open.

Watercolor Swatch Binder Ring

You can always make extra cards for future swatching. They make a lovely way to store your paint swatches and quickly reference info about your paints. While I made mine for watercolor swatches, this truly works with any art supply you’d like to swatch.

I hope you found this tutorial for a DIY watercolor swatch ring inspiring, and informative. If you make your own swatch rings, feel free to tag me on social media so I can check them out! Love you all, keep being awesome!