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Let me tell you what I’m all about. I work hard to create the best content I can for this site. All the content on this site is written and edited by me, unless specifically stated otherwise.  I am passionate about helping others discover and nurture their creativity. I love what I do. Everyone loves getting paid for doing what they love to do.

If you have any questions about this site please contact me hello AT paintandletters DOT com.

Advertising & Sponsorships

In addition to products and services that I sell, I also make this site available for sponsorships and advertising. I will never accept advertising or sponsorships from companies or products that I wouldn’t be happy to purchase from myself. Is there nothing worse that someone trying to get you to buy things they don’t believe in? Gross! Because of this, paid sponsorships, or advertising, will be clearly marked in the post. My view and opinion is my own regardless. I believe in being honest and follow the Word of Mouth Marketing Association code of ethics.

Affiliate Links

In addition to paid sponsorships and advertising, I also utilize affiliate links. I’ve become an affiliate for companies that I utilize myself. Affiliate links mean that when you click through to an item and purchase, or sign up for the service, I get a a little piece of that. In some cases it’s just pennies, but pennies add up. Using affiliate links allows me to passively generate income that costs you, the reader, nothing. It’s a great way you can support this site beyond purchasing my products and services. Again, the affiliate links I use are for sites and services that I use myself and have been carefully selected for this blog.

This site is not owned or operated by any other entity or operation.

Let’s Work Together!

Interested in working with me? Please email me! hello AT paintandletters DOT com