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Handmade Watercolors

Limes – Watercolor Doodles or Stamps

Hello there everyone! I'm here today with a video to share of some fun options for a watercolor card. Why a card? Cards are awesome ways to practice nearly every art, or craft, technique. They are small, so they are quick and use less resources. Cards are meant to be shared, share with someone when you're done. What's better than making something, than to share it with someone else? You could also take these little paintings and frame them for a sweet gift. Leave out the Nuvo Drops, if putting under glass, or keep them for some fun dimension if your frame allots for it. I'm a firm believer in creating at whatever skill level you are at. I thoroughly enjoy using stamps.  With the Tim Holtz Tonic Stamping Platform it is totally doable for a stamp newbie like me. You absolutely don't have to own stamping tools and equipment though. In this video I show both a stamp set from Concord & 9th, and my own doodled limes in a similar style to the stamps. They are looser, and less perfect, but equally adorable. Making a watercolor card with stamps requires a waterproof ink, link Hero Arts Intense Black, or Versafine. Dry ink thoroughly before painting. The same goes for painting your doodles. Use waterproof pens to ink when using watercolor.

Watercolor Swatch Ring DIY for Quick Reference

Over on Instagram, it is just full of collaboration and ideas. If you aren't following me yet, hop over and click that follow button! I post daily and share lots of tips, tutorials, and favorite accounts.  One such idea spawned from the creation of Amy Natsumi Roberts of @see_amy_draw.  She posted on her stories little tags with watercolor swatches on them. I loved this idea! I adore color swatches. Typically, I have swatched all colors in a sketchbook, but this was too fun not to try.  So I'm going to show you how to make your own watercolor swatch ring.

Testing Characteristics of Watercolor Paint

I just launched my own watercolor paints that I mull from pure pigments by hand. They are a labor of love, and oh how I love them. I put together this video to show you how to test different characteristics of watercolor paint. As I state in the video, none of these characteristics discussed are necessarily bad, or good, or undesirable. They are simply the traits that paints have, or do not have. When you know how each of your paints work, and what to expect, it enables you to be better prepared when creating your art. Your paints are tools of your trade, knowing which tool to use is an important part of the process.