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Go Create Something!

Paint and Letters Color ChartPaint & Letters is a place I created so I can educate, empower, and encourage you in your creative pursuits. Whether that be adding some new tricks to your toolbox with card making,  creating your own masterpieces with watercolor to share, or just giving you the little push you need to dive back into your project.

You ARE Creative

I’ve heard people say over and over again, “I’m not creative,” or “I wish I could do something creative.” Well guess what? You are creative! You can do something creative. Talent is only one portion of any form of any art, but art is not the only way to express creativity.

I struggled for years with anxiety and depression. I learned to find healthy coping skills, and harness my creativity, to help me reach my full potential. In that process I have been learning to let go of perfections, and embrace the beauty in the imperfect. Handmade arts and crafts have that quality that manufactured goods can never possess.

What You’ll Find Here

On this site you will see posts with tips and tricks as well as beginner guides. You will see projects from start to finish. You’ll also see posts where I talk about the emotional aspect of creativity.  My goal is to offer some more advanced course options in the future. I’d love to collaborate with other creatives to bring some other perspectives as well as their expertise in their fields.

I want everyone to find the satisfaction and happiness that I have found in creativity. I hope you can join me in this community to support each other! If you are feeling stuck in a slump, shoot me a message! Let’s figure out how to dig out of that creativity black hole together.

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