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Day: June 2, 2017


Improve your Instagram Photos in 5 Minutes

Who else is frustrated when they take photos for Instagram, your website, your shop, or other social media, and your images look dark and shadowy? If you are like me you may not have the luxury of natural light most of the time. As I create in the evenings, there is rarely the opportunity to seek out beautiful light outside. In addition, I live in an older home that is deeply guarded by lurking pine trees blocking all but the smallest amount of light. It's great in the summer, as it keeps our home cool, but terrible when you want to take a quick post. Not a single area inside is suitable. When weather permits, and I have projects completed, I go out to my patio. We can't always wait for the ideal situation. We have to make do with what we have. Today I am going to share with you a quick method to improve your photos. The best part is, it will take you less than 5 minutes to put together!